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The entrepreneurial trap is trying to do everything yourself. I get it, you’re scrimping every penny, but how many potential dollars is that costing you? Collaboration is the way forward, especially if you want to grow. Stay in your sweet spot by finding someone reliable to lean on, then delegate. 


Painless Ghostwriting

You’ll be surprised how easy it is for me to coax ideas out of your head. It’ll sound like you, but smoother and with perfect grammar.

Big Picture Editing

Even the best writers need an editor. Whether you’re struggling with a product label or a book, get it ‘Pammed’ before publishing.


Persuasive Web Content

Content is still king. So don’t just stare at a blank screen. Mind dump your ideas and I can handle the rest, including the on-page SEO.   

Strategic Blog Writing

SEO is still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. I’ll find out what your audience is searching for and tailor it for them.

Fussy Proofreading

You often need editing and proofing (they’re not the same). Luckily, tidying up words is one of my superpowers.

Smart Branding Strategy

Let’s get your marketing elements sorted and humming along so your message cuts through the noise and your story can reach your audience. 

Effortless Social Media

You know you need to be posting, but can’t find the time? Relax, I can write and schedule posts in advance for you, or make sure your own posts go out error free.

Efficient Newsletters

Growing and nurturing your own email list is more crucial than ever. Regularly send out professional-looking emails with Mailchimp that your audience will be eager to read.

Effective Websites

I can build you a basic responsive WordPress info site or manage a more complex project with a web developer. I also help make sure your branding stays consistent.


Is there a type of business you specialise in? (Translation: "specialize" for my fellow Americans)

I bring a diverse set of skills and broad range of knowledge to each project. If your business/project is related to wellness, luxury or experiential travel, food, contemporary art, sustainability, or personal developmentyou had me at hello.

Otherwise, often a fresh approach is what’s required to transform your business. I love immersing myself in learning something new like a method actor with a juicy role. 

What is ghostwriting?

If you have the ideas but not the skills or patience to sit down and write yourself, a ghostwriter is the perfect solution. It looks a lot like mind reading. Usually, we start with a series of chats where I get to know your voice and what you’re trying to convey. You can then write a first draft or simply jot down a few notes for me and I’ll connect the dots and fill in the blanks. I take your voice and ideas, incubate them, and we birth it together. The finished product will sounds like the best version of you, with perfect grammar and your name as the author.

A ghostwriter can also come in at the editing stage. Whereas an editor usually guides an author on how to improve a manuscript, a ghostwriter goes in and rewrites, expands, and reshapes the work herself in the author’s voice.   

Which tools or apps do you use?

There’s an iMac on my desk but mostly I live in the Google/Android world. Currently, I use the Google Suite (Gmail, Drive, Sheets) for collaborating on documents, then run all of my copy through Grammarly. I stay on top of project management through or Asana, and use Dropbox for sharing files. I can do light graphic design work myself via Canva (eg. social media posts or images for blogs and newsletters) and work closely with professional graphic designers for design-based projects and branding. But I’m constantly on the look out for even better tools and apps, if you have some you prefer. 


As a contractor rather than an employee, you aren’t paying for my breaks, other appointments, or sick days.
The meter only runs when you have my full attention.

You want her on your project. Pamela is like a Swiss Army Knife. She's helpful in a variety of situations when things get tough.

Damian Chaparro, Biophilia Festival Co-Creator & the Wellness Architect of Aro Hā Wellness Retreat

It's great to have a fresh point of view, especially from the mysterious turnings of the mind of a woman. Pamela was able to deconstruct then reconstruct some chapters that I could no longer be objective about. She is affable and handles my vehement disagreements with reckless aplomb.

Trey Ratcliff, author, artist, and photographer of the #1 travel photography blog

It's not until you meet with someone like Pamela that you will understand just how much she can help. It's her personality, honesty, and tell-it-like-it-is advice I enjoy most. She loves what she does and this will reflect on your business. If you expect the best, use the best!

Mark Dewsbery, owner of Alpine Projects and founder of Alpine Adventures (now sold)

Let’s create something amazing together