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How i tick

I’m a lifelong learner who’s inspired by possibilities and the freedom to iterate. Maintaining the status quo feels confining and monotony makes me restless, so corporate life was a poor fit. I stand with the outliers and the innovators. Why settle for mundane when you can be an imaginal cell? 

Persistently suspicious of wherever the crowd is headed, I prefer to find my own way. Verbal jousting is both a hobby and a process to nut out solutions. Someday, I’ll start a movement to bring back civil discourse. Who’s with me? 

If I’m not chewing on ideas or pouring my heart out through my fingers at the keyboard, you’ll likely find me diving headlong into some new experience. Or staring up at the clouds puzzling over how something could be more efficient. Or in the kitchen baking while I wait for the muse to return.


New ideas

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Cups of Tea

I’m a wordsmith by trade who thinks and often speaks in analogies, is guided equally by intellect and intuition, wavers between being a cynical idealist and a skeptical optimist, hardly ever turns down a chance to be creative, and is constantly searching for better ways to do anything (and everything).

My Skills

I know the struggles of building a business from scratch.
When you’re ready to hit refresh’ on your business, I can help you find clarity and provide innovative solutions so you can get your freedom back. The time and freedom to focus on what you’re good at, the freedom to unplug more, and the freedom and satisfaction of running your own successful business.

Creative Problem Solver  ◦  Ideas incubator  ◦  Knowledge Broker 

"If you are looking for someone who will simply agree with all your ideas, Pamela is not the droid you're looking for! If, on the other hand, you understand the value of having your ideas tested, refined, and well executed—then you have struck pure gold. Pamela will quickly become your project's most valuable asset."

– Paul Green, Senior designer at Trails magazine and owner of Paul Green Photography

While I enjoy the effortless outcome, I enjoy the face time and human even more. Intellect, experience, and willpower combine to make for a valuable co-creator.

Damian Chaparro, Biophilia Festival Co-Creator and the Wellness Architect of Aro Hā Wellness Retreat

I've been working with Pamela for two years and she keeps impressing me. She is patient, charming, reliable, and competent. Pamela brings a healthy balance of talent, smart insights, energy, and humanity to the projects she gets involved with. Hire. Her. Now!

Lilia Rossana, marketing executive for Biophilia Festival

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