Freelance wordsmith
& Idea incubator

What do I do?

I play with words to help small business owners articulate their story.

I give my clients peace of mind and their freedom back.

Mostly though, I follow my curiosity.

Painless Ghost Writing

You’ll be surprised how easy it is for me to coax ideas out of your head. It’ll sound like you, but smoother and with perfect grammar.

Persuasive Web Content

Content is still king. So don’t just stare at a blank screen. Mind dump your ideas and I can handle the rest, including the on-page SEO. 

Strategic Blog Writing

SEO is still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. I’ll find out what your audience is searching for and tailor the content for them.

Big Picture Editing

Even the best writers need an editor. Whether you’re struggling with a product label or a book, get it ‘Pammed’ before publishing.

Fussy Proofreading

You often need editing and proofing (they’re not the same). Luckily, rearranging words is one of my superpowers along with finding typos.

Efficient Newsletters

Growing and nurturing your own email list is more crucial than ever. Regularly send out professional-looking emails with Mailchimp that your audience will be eager to read.

Effective Websites

I can build you a basic responsive WordPress site or manage a more complex project with a web developer. Let’s be clear though: simply building a website is not an effective marketing plan.

Smart Marketing Strategies

Let’s get your branding sorted and all your marketing elements humming along so your message cuts through the noise and your story can reach the right audience. 

Effortless Social Media

You know you need to be posting, but can’t find the time? Relax, I can write and schedule posts in advance for you, or make sure your own posts go out error free.


running your own business doesn’t have to be
a lonely grind. 

Ready to get unstuck and back into your zone of genius, or at least away from your laptop to find some balance again? Just show me where you want to go and I’ll find the best route to get there. I provide freelance business support for small business owners, creative startups, and entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their team but don’t need the hassles of an employee. Instead, you can engage a contractor with a flexible work schedule, diverse set of skills, high attention to detail, and who works remotely no matter where you are. 

I incubate your ideas and nurture them into elegant website content, blogs, press releases, and print materials while you get back to your core business. Delegate all those word-related tasks cluttering up your too-hard basket and we’ll start knocking them off so you can breathe freely again. 

Who my clients are

I collaborate with founders and creators who make money doing what they love. They’re usually a bit unconventional and have passion and drive in spades, but are often better at speaking than typing. Some are looking for more time away from their desk, a wise female perspective, or a creative problem solver who can jump in as needed. Others are intimidated by technology and are wary of tech guys talking over their heads or ‘mansplaining’ stuff, and are ready to get some balance back in their lives. 
They all know there’s got to be a better way. There is:

Work smarter, not harder.

Ready for a high-powered work wife
to get your Small business to the next level?